CARD May 2024 IAB Meeting

CARD Novel Smart Pilot Scale Testbed at WPI

CARD New Spray Dryer at UIUC

Energy-efficient drying Innovation for industrial competitiveness

CARD Advances Energy-Efficient Drying Innovation for Industrial Competitiveness. For the past eight years, the Center for Advanced Research in Drying (CARD) has established itself as a vibrant and critical research center impacting industrial drying. As a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC), CARD is a “gateway” program designed to open up university research to member companies.

With projects focused on novel drying technologies, innovative sensor development, and smart oven technologies, CARD has the knowledge, resources, and creativity to make a significant impact on businesses worldwide. 


Announcing our first licensing contract!

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Novel Smart Testbed at WPI

CARD member, Reading Bakery Systems, along with Professor Yagoobi and the CARD team, have designed a novel dryer/oven testbed. This electrically operated pilot-scale oven/dryer is operational in continuous, as well as batch modes. It includes various conventional and innovative drying modules, along with unique sensor technologies for in-situ moisture, temperature and strain measurements of the product during the drying/baking process. Learn more.


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What Members Say

Andrew Rosenthal
General Manager
Reading Thermal

“We value working with CARD because they are developing novel drying and sensor technologies that can help us build better equipment.  This in turn helps our customers develop high quality food products that can be reliably made with the most efficient techniques. The advancements from CARD push the industry forward towards energy efficiency and precision.”