Past Projects

Past Projects PIs Lead site
FSMA Validation of Low Moisture Food Undergoing Heating and Drying Hao Feng Illinois
Solving Coupled Non-Fickian Moisture Transport and Quality-Kinetics Model for Improving the Quality and Nutritional Attributes of Selected Fruits and Vegetables during Drying Pawan Takhar Illinois
Fundamental Understanding of Rapid Air Drying of Paper Tissues Burt Tilley and Jamal Yagoobi WPI
Enhancement of Municipal Wastewater Biosolids Drying through Interfacial Energy Modifying Amendments to Promote Uniform Agglomeration John Bergendahl WPI
Reducing Water Use in Corn Ethanol Process by Efficient High Solids Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation Vijay Singh Illinois
Multi-Channel Drying Platform for Process Validation and Optimization Hao Feng Illinois
Wireless Passive MEMS Sensor for in situ Continuous Temperature and Moisture Sensing Logan Liu Illinois
Optical Nondestructive Testing Augmented by MEMS and Fiber-optic Sensors Cosme Furlong WPI
Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer with Innovative Impinging Jet Nozzles Jamal Yagoobi WPI
Spray Drying of Hygroscopic Materials Using an Encapsulation Strategy Through Three-fluid Nozzle Youngsoo Lee Illinois
An Investigation of the Role of Area, Scale, and Hierarchical Surface Topography in Wetting and Drying of Stochastically Patterned Surfaces Robert Daniello and Christopher Brown WPI