Current Projects

Project Updates PIs Lead site
Ultrasonic Non-Thermal Drying of Wet Bio-Polymeric Materials Hao Feng Illinois
Spray Drying Using Novel Nozzle Design to Improve Droplet Formation for Fine Powders Youngsoo Lee and Jamal Yagoobi WPI & Illinois
Wireless Passive MEMS Sensor for in situ Continuous Temperature and Moisture Sensing Logan Liu Illinois
Tip-based Optical Fiber Sensors for Continuous, In-situ Measurements of Trapped Moisture and Pressure Pratap Rao and Shawn Liu WPI
Ultrasound-mediated Ethanol Dewatering/Dehydration Hao Feng Illinois
An Integrated Multiscale Modeling and Sensors-Based Approach to Study Strains and Stresses in Foods Undergoing Glass Transition During Drying Takar/Liu WPI & Illinois
Enhancement of Drying Rate of Moist Porous Media with Electric Field Jamal Yagoobi WPI
Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer with Innovative Impinging Jet Nozzles Jamal Yagoobi WPI