James McGovern Headshot
James McGovern
U.S. Representative, D-Mass

Smart investments in energy efficiency research are exactly how America can solve the climate crisis. When I wrote to the appropriations committee [in 2019], I told them that cutting-edge ‘smart drying’ work is a tremendous opportunity to create innovative manufacturing processes that reduce energy consumption and lower emissions. Through our advocacy, we were able to assist in securing a $10 million investment, and I’m thrilled that much of this groundbreaking work will be going on at CARD

Manish Shah
Vice President, Global Research & Technology
Ingredion, Inc.

“My company has interests that span very focused dryer-specific needs to novel technologies that provide breakthrough possibilities.  No one person can cover all these areas so we use CARD as a vehicle to help us expand our access to creative solutions.”

headshot of Sheyla Ramsay
Sheyla Ramsay
Past IAB Chair
Senior Technical Leader - PepsiCo, Inc.

“For my industry, innovation is our lifeblood. We want access to the latest drying innovation that creates breakthrough science while enhancing Sustainability goals.  CARD helps us in our mission to delight our consumers and build our industry leadership position.”

Gagan Mongia
Past CARD IAB chair, Principle Scientist,
Research and Technology
The Hershey Company

“My company views innovation as new technologies, new partnerships, new products – in fact, everything. Research undertaken by CARD helps us build new ideas into our product design with potential to provide improved process efficiency and product quality and nutrition, along with enhanced social responsibility. And since students run the projects, we can select great talent to execute our innovation plans.”