An Investment That Will Yield Results

CARD membership provides industry participants unprecedented access to university talent, industry research, and an extensive range of valuable resources, to name just a few benefits. For an annual membership fee of $50,000, participating organizations become part of a highly collaborative, industry-focused center that will deliver solutions to important company challenges.

Long term, benefits of new drying technologies—including lowering energy costs and easier/better control over product quality – will give U.S. manufacturers a stronger competitive edge in a global economy. Member participants will gain the added visibility and recognition for demonstrating leadership in addressing a major environmental issue.

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Hao Feng, PhD
Site Director of Center for Advanced Research in Drying
“I am excited to introduce you to CARD. We have quickly reached the next milestone in establishing this first-ever U.S. center for advanced research focused on the development of more efficient, commercially viable drying technologies. Your sponsorship and participation is vital. Please join us.”