Zahra Noori O’Connor Wins 1st Place at WPI Competition

Zahra Noori O’Connor Wins 1st Place at WPI Competition

Worcester Polytechnic Institute PhD candidate, Zahra Noori O’Connor, won first place at Graduate Research Innovation Exchange (GRIE) for the third time. GRIE is an annual event that gives WPI graduate students the chance to present their research to colleagues and professors from the WPI community and beyond, and receive feedback from the judges and attendees. This event highlights the breath and impact of the students work and encourages the exchange of ideas that makes interdisciplinary research so powerful.

In the first round, the participating students had pre-recorded a seven minute video explaining their research. Zahra won the People’s Choice award in the first round. The finalists presented their research in-person on April 5th. Zahra’s presentation was on “Experimental Study of Drying of Paper with Ultrasound Mechanism”.

Her research is supported by Center for Advance Research in Drying (CARD).

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