CARD Paper Recognized as Top-Cited Article

CARD Paper Recognized as Top-Cited Article

We are pleased to announce that a paper – “Stress Relaxation Properties of Bananas During Drying” – written by CARD researchers Fidele Abedi and Pawan Takhar has been recognized by Wiley Publishing as a top-cited article in 2021 – 2022. This distinction is based upon data collected from Clarivate Analytics.

The paper and CARD-funded research investigates the mechanical texture of bananas (stress relaxation function) during ripening and drying steps, allowing the industry to optimize their operations for consumers’ benefits. As global banana production has increased over 30 times – from 3.7 million tonnes to 116.7 million tonnes between 1994 and 2019 – and world demand for dried banana snacks has also increased, this research has become critical to the industry.

Congratulations, Fidele and Pawan on this incredible achievement.



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