Ragya Kapoor Wins 2nd at IFT Oral Competition

Ragya Kapoor Wins 2nd at IFT Oral Competition

We are thrilled to share that Ragya Kapoor won 2nd place at the prestigious 2023 IFT Sustainable Food Systems Division Graduate Student Oral Competition. The title of her presentation was Novel Ultrasound-Based Drying Technology for Sustainable Production of Plant Protein Isolates With Improved Functionality.

Ragya has been actively involved as a researcher at CARD for the past few years, and recently earned her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her advisor was Dr. Hao Feng.

Ragya summed up the experience of earning recognition for her work best by saying, “It was a great end to this great project journey.”

Recently, Ragya started a position as a Senior Scientist at Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition in Itasca, IL.

Congratulations, Ragya, on all of your remarkable achievements!

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