Jacob Bouchard Successfully Defends PhD

Jacob Bouchard Successfully Defends PhD

We are pleased to share that CARD researcher and WPI student, Jacob Bouchard, successfully defended his PhD entitled, “MEASUREMENT AND MODELING OF WATER IN POROUS MEDIA USING MILLIMETER-WAVE AND TERAHERTZ SPECTROSCOPY” on December 4th, 2023. His work primarily dealt with the development of a novel non-contact moisture sensor for the Smart Dryer test bed.

His advisor was Dr. Doug Pekie.

Before graduation, Dr. Bouchard was awarded a National Research Council Research Associateship to work with the nanophotonics team at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. In this position, Dr. Bouchard will work towards the development of a new solid-state optical retroreflector for communication applications.

Congratulations, Dr. Bouchard!

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